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You turned, feet not touching the ground. Behind you stands your childhood friend (Friend M), and his sister (Friend S). They look at you in surprise, then the younger sister asks;
"(Name)... Are you a ghostie?"

The batter looks over at them, then back at you. You shake your head. You're not a ghost, you're not dead. Your friend comes over and looks up at you.
"Why is your mouth sewn up? Does it hurt? Was it them?"
He pointed at the batter and Zacharie, and Zacharie chuckled.

"Who knows why it's sewn up? But it wasn't us, trust me. We would never hurt dear (name), would we, batter?"
The batter nodded stoically, and you smiled slightly. You hugged your friend, and he worriedly hugged you back. He was scared. He would be, you're floating, your mouth is sewn up, and you've appeared in his garden with two strange men, a strange cat and a load of identical elsens.
I say Identical...

The elsen who you had grabbed the shoulder of seemed slightly different, less scared. The others were still on the floor, scared to move, but this one was stood upright. Maybe he's different to the rest? Maybe he's possessed.... Nah, I don't want him to be, so he's not.

I used my narrative powers to create a chair, just to confuse the reader. Who happens to be you. You're confused, by the way.
The sister sat in the chair, clicking her fingers for the Judge to come and sit on her lap. She loves cats. She loves every kind of cat. She just wants to hug all of them, and she can. Because she named her two cats 'Everycat' and 'allofthem'. Wierdo.
Judge, purring, sat on her lap and let her pet him. Zacharie chuckled again, and your friend joined in. Damn, he has an infectious laugh... You really want to laugh, but that's hard to do with a closed mouth, so you try not to. Pfft, why not, I might as well make you... But you resist my narrative powers and calm the hell down. Fine, if that's how you want to play it... I make another chair appear for no reason. Shut up. You didn't say anything? My bad.

Eugh, getting sidetracked. What's that elsen doing? He's... poking the batter. The batter looks down at the elsen with a straight face.
"...Why... Why is your arm squishy?"
The batter frowned. "Are you serious?"
The elsen nodded like a child. "Yes."
"...Because shut up."
The elsen shut up, and looked over at you instead. You were now trying to communicate your journey to your friend by writing it on your arm. He nods slowly.
"Uh huh... And so this guy with the mask is Zacharie? And the guy over there is... Is that an elsen? Are all these guys in my garden elsens?"
You nodded, surprised at his game knowledge. He's played Off? You didn't know that.
"Wow, cool! Although...."
He looked over at batter and made a half-scared half-grossed-out face. You didn't question the reaction, not that you could have, the pen just ran out. You just guessed that batter had a weird backstory in the game. Or something. Your friend looked you in the eye.
"Just... Don't trust the either of them. I can't tell you why because they might overhear... but just don't, okay?"
You tilt your head in confusion and he takes it as a nod. Even though it isn't. The elsen comes over and tugs your sleeve.
"C...can I be trusted?"

You nod, seeing as though your friend didn't mention the elsens at all. He smiled, something elsens don't often do, then wandered off to look at the other elsens.

The batter came over to you, Zacharie following.
"We don't know where this is, but you do..."
You nod, and he continues.
"We don't belong here. We need to return to our place..."
You nod slowly, kind of sad. You'd started to like them a bit. Zacharie patted you on the shoulder.
"Hey, don't look so sad, dear (name) You can play the game anytime you want, you know. And we'll be here for a while, while we find out how to get back, so don't worry, oui?"
You nod again, smiling slightly. You vaguely wish you could talk, it felt like you were on a sponsored silence or something. And you used to hate those as a kid.

Judge gets off of your friend's sister's lap, and comes over. "So, we'd best go somewhere you feel safe, (name). Where do you live?"
You point vaguely to the west, knowing where it was, but having no ink in the pen to draw it out. Also, your arm was now covered in writing anyway. Zacharie stood beside you. "Let's go then!"

You nodded with a smile, glad to be heading for home. You started on your way, Zacharie, the batter, the Judge and the elsen following you.
Your friend waved sadly at you as you left, worried that you'd never come back if he didn't follow, but he had to look after his sister. The sister waved happily at Judge.

The other elsens in the garden just lay there until one was scared by a bug. Then they panicked. But you didn't know that, you just walked, blissfully unaware. The elsen grabbed your hand, and you smiled. He was like a little brother~! The batter looked over jealously, as did Zacharie, but you didn't know that. There are lots of things you don't know, and many you don't want to know. But for now, you knew just enough. Which was good.
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